Himroo | A Fabric Favoured by Royalty

Handwoven 'Himroo' material is a traditional Aurangabad specialty. Himroo may be woven with silk, wool, cotton or zari (silver golden thread). Traditionally it was only woven in cotton (warp) and silk (weft). The weaves incorporate plain lines woven in different patterns- geometrical designs, designs inspired by nature, floral motifs, motifs from paintings of Ajanta caves, carvings from Ellora Caves, Bibi ka Maqbara and Taj Mahal, among others.

Making Himroo - Documentary Film By Indoviosion Media

This documentary film on Making of Himroo is is produced by Amitabh Tripathi, Script and Direction of the documentary film on Making Himroo is done by Amitabh Tripathi Himroo is a fabric made of silk and cotton, which is grown locally in Aurangabad. Himroo was brought to Aurangabad in the reign of Mohammad Tughlaq, when he had shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad, Aurangabad. The word himroo originated from Persian word Hum-ruh which means ‘similar’. Himroo is a replication of Kum-khwab, which was woven with pure golden and silver threads in olden days, and was meant for the royal families. Himroo uses Persian designs, and is very characteristic and distinctive in appearance. Himroo from Aurangabad is in demand for its unique style and design. Some historians believe that Himroo was the innovation was local craftsmen with very little Persian influence.


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With over 50 handlooms of Himroo in working order, we take credit for having attempted to revive the art of Himroo in the weaving centre. Our store is

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